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Test automation is an essential solution for all businesses who need to reduce the time to market of high quality software change.

Implementing a successful test automation solution has often been considered a “dark art”. There are countless tools on the market and a feast of moving parts to challenge even the bravest of QA’s. But don’t worry, that’s what we are here for! 


Providing fast feedback enabling teams to resolve problems and move forward quickly


Using technology to remove repetitive tasks and release resources for higher value work


Automating the supporting processes that enable teams to configure, deploy and execute automated tests


Providing clear and accurate information for prompt decision making

To be agile you need speed of thought and speed of movement to allow you to change direction where necessary. Running large packs of manual tests is time consuming, prone to error, costly and extremely hard to maintain. Test automation has always been an enabler for change and is the cornerstone of any successful agile delivery.

People are a valuable commodity. Their skills and abilities can not easily be duplicated by machines and nor should they. An efficient and effective test automation solution should complement the capability you have in place. This will free people from repetitive and mundane tasks so they can focus on more complex and strategic activities with higher business value.

A suite of well written automated test cases is just the start of the journey. Once tests have been developed you then need to reduce the effort to maintain and manage them. Running them regularly and automatically further maximising your return on investment.

You can only build confidence with time and predicatability. When vital information arrives late and incomplete it’s impossible to make important decisions. Test reports automatically generated by the tests themselves will always arrive on time and in the same consistent format. Automated results can even be integrated into test management solutions and reporting dashboards for real-time information as each and every test case executes.

Spike95 will implement the technology and processes for fast, repeatable automated testing.


Success is in our DNA and we work hard to keep it there.  Our automation delivery applies the underlying principles in our method and clearly defines what we do at each and every step in the process.  So every Spike95 consultant follows the same tried and tested approach to ensure the solution you are adopting adheres to industry standards.

Learn more about the guiding principles of our method here.


Need to get something moving quickly?

As well as our full lifecycle capability, our fast track approaches will get you moving and quickly realize benefits.

Health Check

A Health check provides you with an assessment of where you are in relation to your competitors and provides clear steps you will need to follow to improve your maturity levels. Organisation of any size and maturity level will benefit from conducting this service.

Quick Start

Our Quick Start solution gets test automation up and running in your business with all of the necessary tools, technology integrations and processes to make sure you can safely adopt this into your existing teams with the necessary training and support.

Repair & Maintain

If you are in a situation where people have made you promises and not delivered a test automation solution that adds the necessary value to your business then Repair & Maintain will get you back on track so you can begin to recoup the benefits you should from your technical testing solution.

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