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Case study: Increasing delivery cadence for a critical government platform

The way to gain the most benefit from test automation is by adopting this as early in the lifecycle as feasible.

Our client had a clear, bold vision for their new software platform and embraced DevOps methodology from the outset making automated testing critical to their success.

Benefits: Fully automated regression testing Integration to CI cycle Increased coverage Instant feedback on code £1,000 saved for EVERY code check in

  • 2-day manual regression testing is now fully automated and running automatically in the CI cycle
  • Test automation pack provides increased coverage as certain scenarios could not previously be tested manually
  • Developers get instant feedback on code they checked in only minutes earlier
  • Cost saving of £1,000 for every daily code check in

Spike95 were engaged as SME’s in designing and building test automation frameworks. They immediately understood our requirements and worked very effectively with our technical team in delivering the solution ahead of time often going above and beyond the original scope. The challenge was significant being over the period of Covid where all work was conducted remotely. The end product was of very high quality and we continue to work in partnership with Spike95 on both our internal projects and with our public sector clients.

Managing Director


Our client developed a new message exchange platform to replace an existing system used by HM Government

  • The solution will expand to meet future demand, additional features and functionality must be implemented swiftly so it will be imperative to test these as quickly and thoroughly as possible.  Manual testing will not be feasible
  • This entire project was delivered remotely by the Spike95 team due to the COVID-19 lockdown


Spike95 architected, developed and implemented a test automation solution for the messaging platform capable of sending SOAP web Service messages and validating responses.

  • Created all regression test assets from manual counterparts
  • Full test suite integrated into the AWS CI Pipeline
  • Test results integrated into Jira test management tool
  • Solution fully documented in the clients Confluence portal
  • Trained and coached all test team members on how to:
    • Execute tests manually and trigger CI builds
    • Interpret execution results
    • How to develop new test cases

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Increasing Delivery Cadence for a Critical Government Platform
Our client had a clear, bold vision for their new software platform and embraced DevOps methodology from the outset making automated testing critical to their success.​
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