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Case study: Online finance - Ensuring success at a challenger bank

Challenger banks are small, recently-created retail banks looking to bring competition to the banking establishment.

Often they distinguish and offer a competitive edge through use of innovative technology where success requires a solid foundation in good software engineering and testing practices.

Benefits: Reused investment Improved throughput Reduced downtime Greater confidence Go to market faster Customer experience

  • Reused previous investment in commercial tooling
  • Improved throughput of change from development to production
  • Reduced production downtime and outages significantly
  • Greater change confidence allowing business to sign off new projects
  • Improved customer experience as bank could go to market faster with new product changes


An online only challenger bank was struggling to sustain the business demand pipeline in their fast moving market to stay ahead of competitors.

Continual changes to their infrastructure also caused unexpected outages to the production environment around 25% of the time resulting in poor customer experience and lost revenue.


Spike95’s experts built on the bank’s investment in HP testing tools to create a centralised automation and performance testing service supporting 12 concurrent change streams and providing the platform to successfully implement over 60 changes per month with production downtime less than 1%.

  • Comprehensive regression suites and performance scenarios were executed numerous times daily to allow changes to flow through the two final quality gates quickly and regularly while providing the business with the necessary confidence to implement the changes successfully into production.
  • Development teams were given clear feedback on the reasons for failing change which over time improved the quality of future changes.


  • Many companies invest heavily in tools but without the correct supporting structure and processes this investment risks becoming shelf-ware.
  • Comprehensive regression suites and performance scenarios improve the reliability of change.
  • A more reliable change funnel increases business confidence, improves the customer experience and accelerates time to market.

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