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Case study: Port and Border Security - Revolutionising how this is provisioned and consumed

Ports and Borders all across the world play a vital role in keeping us safe, preventing potentially harmful items from being transported and stopping people with disingenuous  intentions from entering countries. 

This seemingly impossible task is getting more complex year on year as our population grows and demand for imported and exported goods increases.

Benefits: Met aggressive deadlines Enabled launch success High degree of confidence Automatic testing Higher change cadence

  • The test automation solution implemented by Spike95 enabled our client to launch as planned despite extremely aggressive delivery deadlines.
  • With a comprehensive test automation platform in place our client had a high degree of confidence around making almost any changes to the platform.
  • Sprint changes could be shipped with regular cadence as the platform was tested automatically at every stage.


Our client had a vision to build a software platform to help limit the amount of illegal activity without compromising global trade and impeding those playing by the rules.

With increasing cross-border smuggling it’s imperative to monitor those attempting to traffic people, illicit goods or dangerous materials.

Scanning vehicles more quickly and uncovering more illegal items is part of the response.  How about working out the probability of something being in that particular container?  

This is where machine learning and artificial intelligence functionality improves decision making.


Spike95’s experts implemented the overall testing strategy to enable automation & DevOps capability and tooling for the web-based cloud platform hosted in Azure using docker containerisation.

We introduced BDD to the teams onsite and offshore to deliver shippable product from early sprints with confidence.

  • Provided offshore development teams with skills and tools to perform automated unit testing on code check-in
  • Performed tool selection and implemented the necessary tools and frameworks to provide fast feedback to developers on any API or UI issues that had been introduced
  • Conducted thorough performance testing to ensure the product supported way beyond the expected transaction volumes


  • Using the very latest development tools and technologies may hinder QA and ultimately delivery as a whole if this is not properly considered at the outset.
  • Baking quality into the software delivery pipeline from the very early sprints allows people to adapt to the process and velocity.
  • A well architected platform reaps large benefits from both API and UI automation due to close collaboration across the teams.

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