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Spike95  deliver extensive test simulations from design to implementation, driving out critical problems and delivering class-leading performance.

Performance problems largely fall into four broad areas. Understanding where your issues lie allows Spike95’s experts to design targeted performance engineering and performance testing activities.


Removing critical limits in software that prevent higher usage


Making the best of current hardware and being able to add more as demand rises


Preventing major issues that happen infrequently


Ensuring the software stays alive and working for extended periods

Scalability problems are often evidenced by long response times or high resource usage. Often this comes down to developers not writing the software with scale in mind. Problems like single threading can be flushed out early in design. We also recommend using component level tests and simple timing points during code development.

As demand grows so you should be able to add more hardware to support, right? Not always. Many components like networks, processors, databases have physical limits. Adding more capacity to resolve a problem like poor response times during busy periods feels logical but needs the software to be architected and tested to balance across those additional resources.

Every so often things just stop working. These infuriating hard to find problems often appear to go away by themselves or clear after manual action. But, they may have caused a poor customer experience or, worse, some form of catastrophic data loss. The concurrency problem may appear fixed but the underlying condition that caused the process to crash or database to deadlock will be highly likely to return.

Once in production, you may well see performance degrading over time. Maybe it’s memory or CPU not freeing up so eventually something goes bang. Or response times that were stable gradually tick up. The system may also need more maintenance than expected. Often reliability is not the first aim when aiming to get to market but unreliable software will ultimately cost you money or create more downtime than necessary.


Our performance specialists bring deep technical experience.

Combined with the structured approach and guiding principles in our method, this ensures every Spike95 consultant follows a tried and tested approach to deliver you the best possible solution.

Learn more about the guiding principles of our method here.


Need to get something moving quickly?

As well as our full lifecycle capability, our fast track approaches will get you moving and quickly realize benefits.

Health Check

A Health check provides you with an assessment of where you are in relation to your competitors and provides clear steps you will need to follow to improve your maturity levels. Organisation of any size and maturity level will benefit from conducting this service.

Quick Start

Our Quick Start solution gets performance testing up and running in your business with all of the necessary tools, technology integrations and processes to make sure you can safely adopt this into your existing teams with the necessary training and support.

Repair & Maintain

If you are in a situation where people have made you promises and not delivered a performance testing solution that adds the necessary value to your business then Repair & Maintain will get you back on track so you can begin to recoup the benefits you should from your technical testing solution.

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